The Oldtimer Centre is proudly located inside a “one stop shop” in Marrickville (just near Sydney Airport). What’s more, we are conveniently located across the road from the Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre. This means you can go shopping while you leave your car.

The third-party mechanical workshop that OTC share these premises with has been there for over 40 years. The workshop specialises in panel beating, detailing & mechanical repairs.  Pink slips, paintless dent removal, electrical work, window tinting, assisting with gas conversions and so much more are available*. The beauty of everything being under one roof is not only at the point of sale, but what may eventuate in the future. Who’s going to look after you and who you can call on for help, whatever it may be.

In case you haven’t seen our warranty page have a look and see what can be arranged through our third-party network. There are numerous warranty options to choose from. You can actually buy cover for your 20 year old car that still looks after you for up to 5 years!

Buffing your car’s paint can take up to 5 hours and for a minimal sum, it’s a blessing for your car. Minor services are available from $99.00 and take around 2 hours.



* Please note, OTC is able to assist you with processing an application for the financial services or extended warranty, and will assist you by co-operating with the mechanical and panel beating or other services available from this site. Any work / service carried out by a third party will be done between you and the third party, any agreements will be be independent of your relationship with OTC. See our full terms and conditions for more information.